“I was so nervous about my move I couldn’t sleep, thinking of all that had to be done. I chose your senior move manager services. I will always be grateful that I did. Whatever you charge, you are worth twice…”
“…This will be a whole new chapter of my life. Working with you managing my move, was a pleasure.”


“You resolved the trauma of my recent move. Your planning and team effort is unmatched…”
“…when moving and downsizing you were invaluable to me during this difficult period.”


“You came in and did all of the packing and moving. You collect a lot of things in 60 years. I was able to get rid of clothes and furniture that I didn’t want…”
“…You were a life saver for me.”


“We sure appreciate your emails and everything else you are doing. It eases our minds especially because we can’t be there. It helps to know they are in good hands.”


“Thanks you so much for all you have done for them. I know the move was particularly hard on my Mom, but in speaking with her, she sounds good and I think she will be happy there.”


“I spoke to Mom and Dad last night and they sounded great. Even Mom sounded happy. She loved her kitchen. Having you two there to sort things our sure makes our life easier.”


“You’re the Best! Thanks for everything. You’re members of the ‘DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT’ Club.”


“Thank you so very much for helping us move. We could not have done it without your great service. We told our friends how wonderful, and kind you were. Moving after 54 years is no fun. But you made it so much easier.”